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           We are also cognizant that safety and environmental responsibility are critically important considerations that extend through every area of operations. In particular we work to ensure safety by aggressively testing imported raw materials to isolate and quantitatively measure quality from the earliest stages of the manufacturing process. All employees share an awareness of the potential dangers posed by cutting, grinding and polishing tools, and we strive to provide safe, confidence-inspiring products through a regimen of strength testing and other inspections.

Our dedication to safety is matched by our commitment to quality. The Furukawa Factory and subsidiary Dia Resibon have both been certified under international ISO standards, and we scrutinize each manufacturing process, from molding to press work and baking, to ensure efficiency and safety. Nippon Resibon is a proven choice for consistent, reliable products.


  •       1. Always handle and store all wheels in a very careful manner.
  •       2. Visually check all wheels for damage or cracks before mounting and using.
  •       3. Make sure machine speed does not exceed the maximum operating speed marked on the wheel or on the box.
  •       4. Use mounting flanges that are clean,flat of equal size and proper type for the wheel.
  •       5. Always use a machine safety guards
  •       6. Allow newly mounted wheel to run for one minute in a protected area before using.
  •       7. Always wear eye protection, protective clothing, safety gloves, and dust respirator.
  •       8. Use backup pad if required.
  •       9. Prevent the dust from scattering and provide adequate ventilation to protect operators from respiratory diseases.


  •       1. Do not use wheels that have been subjected to excessive humidity, moisture or temperature.
  •       2. Do not use wheels that have been dropped or appear to have been damaged.
  •       3. Do not force a wheel onto the machine or alter the hole size.
  •       4. Do not tighten the mounting nut excessively.
  •       5. Do not exceed the maximum operating speed marked on wheels.
  •       6. Do not stand directly in front of wheel when machine is stared.
  •       7. Do not grind or cut material for which the wheel is not designed.
  •       8. Do not use grind wheel for cutting or notching.
  •       9. Do not use cutting wheel for grinding.
  •       10. Do not grind or cut without proper protective equipment.

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